Small Business Group Health Insurance

Introduction to Group Benefits (Page 1 of 7)

So you're thinking about buying health coverage for your small business, but you're not sure if it's the right decision. No question, health insurance—especially for businesses with 50 or fewer employees—can be confusing and complicated.

Reviewing part one, we will cover a broad overview of the issues, rules, terminology and other information you should understand early on. Using this information will assist you in deciding whether you're ready to get serious about purchasing health coverage for your business. As you go through part one, you may choose at anytime to request additional information and quotes from licensed brokers to understand more about costs and coverage options available.

  • Part One introduces you to many, but not all, of the considerations involved in making a decision on purchasing group health coverage. If you read this section and decide you might be ready to purchase health coverage, you'll still have more research to tackle and decisions to make. We cover that process in Part Two: Getting Covered.
  • Rather than bog you down with in-depth information that you may not need, we stick to the basics here and occasionally point you to more in-depth information.

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